Hard To Go

I just left my kids home with dad for a few days. You would think I should be happy to get a break from autism mom role. But there is no part of me that likes it. I won't escape worrying about them while I'm away, even though I know they are in perfectly good hands with dad. But things can turn on a dime with Liam. He can seem fine one minute, scary sick the next, and back to normal an hour later.

Last night, I was awake throughout the night with Liam, who was writhing with stomach pain, worse than I have ever seen. It was a blockage so bad he was vomiting. I have no idea what started it, except probably a little too much milk. I was imagining there was no way I was going on this trip to LA because we would be spending the next day at the hospital. To be honest, I was pretty scared. Blockages like this can be very dangerous. But, alas, he improved by the morning. Yay, I get to go on my work trip.

Gastrointestinal troubles are a way of life in autism world. It's like a never-ending vicious cycle. Why don't you just not give your kid any processed food or sugar, you ask? Right, easy for you to say. Of course we will try most anything if we feel it might help. But in the real world, we live with these challenges whether we have a great diet or not. Our kids love what they love, and if they love fries or honey mustard or Ovaltine, are we really going to withhold just to see a slight improvement? In our world, it's called choosing your battles. Yes, we have tried gluten free and dairy/casein free diet. We did it for a year and a half. It didn't help. Yes, we do probiotics. I believe it helps. I hated taking Liam to little kids birthday parties and not letting him have birthday cake. When I finally let him go back to a regular diet, he said 'thank you mom" in such a sweet way. I knew I did the right thing for us. I chose not to make that part of our life that difficult anymore.

But Liam has hypotonia, or low muscle tone, and it effects him in so many ways, including his entire gastrointestinal function. There's not really anything you can do for it. We'll just try and make sure we are getting more vegetables and less milk. Poor little guy has so many challenges in life.


The good news is I'm on my way to LA, a place that I love to go. I'm working on some exciting stuff for Rock Your Speech. I look forward to sharing a lot more about it with everyone VERY soon. I have spent the last few weeks revamping the website, adding a lot more content, including music and some other cool things. It feels like it's taking such a long time, but it's all because so many great opportunities keep coming our way. It won't be long. April is autism awareness month, and we will have lots of things to share by then.

OK world, be good to me this week. I'm looking forward to sunny California after some major cabin fever from being iced in for over a week. Please, no emergencies with my kids while I'm far away.



Alison Peterson
Alison Peterson


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