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Rock Your Speech hosted a launch party in Nashville on Saturday, January 30. We invited friends and colleagues from the Nashville music industry, medical professionals who are studying the neuroscience of music and the brain, music therapists who are using music to heal, music educators and autism service providers from the Nashville community. We wanted to celebrate the release of Rock Your Speech, Volume 1 with the people who helped us achieve our first goal, recording an album to help kids with speech disorders find their voice. Tom Petersson was joined onstage by the original band who played on the studio recordings.

But most importantly, we wanted to share our story, the "what" and "why" of what we are hoping to achieve with Rock Your Speech. We accomplished this starting with our daughter Lilah who opened the show with a stellar performance which included a song she recently wrote with her dad. I shared the story of how we came up with the idea to record songs for Liam to help with his speech. Liam's longtime therapist Stephen Lawrence spoke about autism and his work with Liam. Our collaborator Maegan Morrow spoke about her work in music therapy and how she came to work with us.

Then the band took the stage to perform the entire album live, plus two extra songs that will be on the next release. We were hoping Liam might join in for a song, so we asked if he would like to sing one of his favorites, "She Rocks." Once he was on stage, he didn't want to stop, so he continued singing lead for the last 4 songs. It was the perfect illustration of the impact our music has had on him. He was happily singing along to every word. He got a standing ovation at the end, which made him very happy. We were of course very proud of both our kids.

We'd like to thank the band and everyone who came out to support us at our party. It meant the world to us to share the evening with so many people who are our friends. I believe we accomplished what we hoped to, which was to spread the word amongst our local community.